About Us

Kinetix Solutions LLC is a privately-owned specialty chemical supply and service company. Our main office is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with satellite sites located throughout the continental United States. Our solutions are focused on the industrial chemical sector, where we provide a technical approach to solutions for our customers. Our innovative approach in treatment solutions provides tangible results in environmental, capital, energy, chemical treatment, and maintenance, as well as finished-product improvements.

The Kinetix Solutions LLC staff is comprised of the best employees in this business. With our diversified experience in all industrial sectors, Kinetix Solutions provides plant process consulting, project implementation & management, and water treatment products and services for clarification, boiler water, cooling water, steam systems, condensate systems, wastewater, and process technology. Kinetix Solutions is also the leader in Nitrogen/Ammonia process & water technology, Urea Ammonium Nitrate corrosions inhibitors, the design and development of CO2 removal systems, and providing the experience and custom-formulated materials needed for maximum performance & efficiency.

At Kinetix Solutions, LLC we believe in earning your trust with a sound technical approach to your specific needs.

Mission – Vision – Values

Our Mission at Kinetix Solutions, LLC is to apply proper technical and chemical solutions to meet each customer's needs in a safe, economical, and environmentally-friendly manner.

Our Vision at Kinetix Solution, LLC is to impact our customers' processes by developing solutions that will lead to improved performance, a cleaner environment, and a safer place to work.

Our Values at Kinetix Solutions, LLC are to always provide our customers with ethical services, to place safety and environment first, and to provide the proper solutions in an efficient and innovative manner.

Kinetix Solutions, LLC participates in ISNet World contractor and supplier management service. Our employees are all TWIC certified and have completed the required OSHA training for chemical facility entrance.

Our Staff

Jason Danos

  • BS in Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, 1997, Summa Cum Laude.
  • ​20+ ye​ars' experience in industrial plant engineering and specialty chemical sales & service.
  • Experience in industrial plant process engineering, production, & operations sectors as well as specialty chemical engineering and process & water chemical treatment.

Steve Parrish

  • 23+ years' experience in industrial chemical manufacturing and procurement
  • Certifications Include: DOT Compliance and CSA, OSHA Compliance, HazMat Transportation HM-126-HM181, Federal Hazardous Material Regulations, Hazardous Communication, Managing Inventory and Cycle Counts, DOT Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion

Mel Weber
Engineering Project Manager

  • BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas
  • 40+ years experience in managing all aspects of large production facilities
  • Process Engineering Manager & Technical Manager for major industrial chemical facilities
  • Team Leader for numerous plant improvement & debottleneck projects

Scot Bynog
Site Construction Manager

  • 20+ years experience in project management & field implementation
  • Field Project Manager for numerous multi-million dollar industrial projects
  • Specialize in estimating, planning, & field execution

Parker Wood
Mechanical Engineer

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Mississippi, 1997
  • 18+ years experience in mechanical engineering
  • Team leader for $100+ million/yr raw input for major industrial production facility
  • Specialize in estimating, material & project planning, & execution

Mike Andermann
Project Manager

  • 38+ years’ experience in operations, maintenance, project management 
  • Operations Superintendent for major industrial chemical facility
  • Specialize in operations, commissioning, planning, & project execution

Joel Nickel
Project Manager

  • 25+ years' experience in process operations, supervision, & commissioning,
  • Commissioning supervisor on successful restart of 1650 TPD Kellogg NH3 Plant
  • Certifications include Haz-Mat Technician, Emergency Medical Technician

Joey Hebert
Commissioning Manager

  • 30+ years' experience in Plant Operations, Maintenance and Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning
  • Project Management / Project Execution experience as Client and also as Contractor
  • Operations Manager for major industrial chemical facility
  • Commissioning Manager for numerous multi-million and one multi-billion dollar projects in the United States and overseas.

Jerry Bates
Engineering Project Manager

  • BS in Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University
  • 35+ years experience in managing all aspects of large production facilities
  • Engineering, Maintenance, & Technical Manager for major industrial chemical facilities
  • Team Leader for numerous plant improvement & debottleneck projects

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